Friday, 23 September 2011

Piri Weepu Description

It was windy as I looked out from the stadium to see Piri Weepu...
The haka was about to be performed by the All Blacks. Piri Weepu came in to lead. I saw how he stomped his legs harshly as he lifted his solid sockets, he slapped his chest like a true Maori warrior. Growling and shouting fiercely like a lion, Piri looked terrifying. Then he bent his knees and that aggressive face vanished into a bright NZ smile which looked similar to his young daughters face.

He grabbed the blue rugby ball and was ready to get into action. Oh how excitement strolled through my spine. The coach blew the loud whistle and Piri Weepu sprinted rapidly straight ahead as if the field was empty. His muscular muscles were undefeatable, no-one could stop him, he was defending aggressively. His t-shirt flew back. His hair brushed foward. I see Mr weepu’s Maori patterned tattoos and the number nine on his shirt smiling because they know they belong to a warrior. Suddenly he sensed the try line was near him. He dived and got a try. Standing up Piri Weepu felt proud. Piri ran as he felt the green grass tickle his classy rugby boots.

I thought to my self and said “Hmmm... it’s the 7th of September, wow it’s Piri Weepu’s birthday, no wonder hes having a great game but he looks pretty young for someone who was born in 1983.”

Mr Weepu made his country proud. He was blessed with strength and speed.