Thursday, 21 February 2013

The Burning Of The Little Boy's House

WALT - craft a piece of descriptive writing using our plans.

Begin crafting your description here:

Fear dashed down his spine, he tried to delete the image and empty the trash of how the fire started and how the fire nearly grabbed him. The young boy watched the house crash and burn into ashes and smaller pieces, it was a pity seeing all of his families treasures fly up in the busy queue of smoke. The fire started to create visible vapor which darkened the sky and surrounding area and turned from a mix of purple and orange fumes to a dark grey mist. It was a mission for the fire to burn the house down because it was made out of cement and bricks. The fire got larger and larger as if there was a fire breathing dragon that was behind igniting everything.

Terrified and devastated the little boy hears the banging of the bricks going “BOOM”, he could hear the sound and feel the vibrations of wood colliding and scraping together hurting his fragile teeth. Voices were running through his brain making him upset. The gusty wind was whispering and howling through the bewildered little boy’s ears. Luckily the sound of the fading smoke alarm took his mind off the voices running and circulating around his mind.
A  thick scent of melted paint and burnt wood flowed across his nose which was bitter to his nostrils, and brain it was shameful to the air. Out of nowhere a faint burning smell appeared to his surprise. He chose the right spot to stand because the scent of nature overtook the horrible breeze of putrid that filled in the air.

The burning of the young boy’s house came with a taste, like old newspapers and burning plastic. He could taste the guilt and the grief. Imagine his surprise when he tasted the lipstick and candle wax from the smoke.

The little boy felt fear, he was unhappy imagining how his parents would feel, he had an unpleasant feeling running through his veins, but eventually he got over it because he remembered that his family was well insured.

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