Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Ancestor Poem

My ancestors live in me.
They’ve discovered that I am a  Tongan Female.
wondering, am I in a fairytale as I listen to the beats of the animal skin as drums.
Moving my hands gently in  the traditional tau’olunga,
shows how proud I am to be a Pacific Islander.

We are reflections of our ancestors, splitting images
or that’s what our ancestors want to hear and see, looking through our family tree, is this what we really want to be?

Did we go through the things they did?
They were woken up to get some work done,
on a good start of meleni and ma
we wake up on our own and expect everything to be done
I’m sitting here wondering how will we survive in the long run
Now listen carefully as I share with yous what I know about one of my ancestors

Vili Pusiaki
He put the ‘Fam’ in Family,
Punake, a song composer for Queen Salote
Wears the tongan traditional kote
He was the spine for our village
Lapaha is the name,
Once known for the capital
But not anymore because of the battle
He put our village to the top
That we were more famous than a cop
Proud and loving
We’re still adjusting,
that he is gone.
He left with us his original songs and lakalaka’s,
that is still going on strong, through a club called the lomipeau.
it is being passed down from generation to generation.