Monday, 27 June 2011

Earthquake slideshow

This is a slideshow of safety instructions just in case an earthquake occurs when you are at school.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Buddy Writing

Today we did some buddy writing with Room7.
We helped them to re-craft their writing samples. This is me and my buddy Marcus.
I hope we get to do this again , it was fun!

Tsunami Writing Sample

Tsunami Report

“Coming live to you in Japan is a rough tsunami which is really dangerous.As the next person was talking I turned to the back of me and saw the wavy tsunami crashing into the buildings together as they collided. The people were horrified, children were sobbing.Furious water was charging through destroying the shiny expensive cars. I could see lost people wondering around the place trying to look for their loved ones.

The water was surging everywhere as stress grew on the people. I could hear the lungs of these criers as if they were going to fall out. The sound of the electric lines were snapping and mixed together with the sound of trees snapping. My ears were opened really wide, as I heard the wind and the waves whispering to each other as they joined forces.

It smelt like salty water after a relaxing swim at the beach.I sensed the grease and the powder blasting out of the factories. I felt the lost hopes and I felt sorry for those who were already gone.

Devastated and afraid we are hoping this city will be rebuild and look happier than ever.

I am Mei Aleva and you are watching 3 news.”

By Mei

Friday, 17 June 2011

The Earth's Layers

WALT: make a model of the layers of the earth out of play-dough.

So...that when we learn about natural disasters we can use our knowledge of the layers to understand them better. us in topic and science and learn about the earth around us.

The Layers of the Earth!

The crust is thickness is 15-75km this is surrounding the worlds. The crust carries the countries and seas.

The mantle is layer below the crust. Did you know there is two of these layers which is called the Upper mantle and the Lower mantle. The Upper Mantle is about 400km thick and the lower mantle is 2500km thick.

Below the mantle lives the Outer Core. The outer core is 2300km thick. It has liquid, nikel and sulphur.

The Inner core however is not liquid, this is solid and contains iron and nickel. It’s 1220km thick and are you aware that the temperature is 6650c. This lies in the middle.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Alphabet Key Natural DIsasters

I used the alphabet key to think about words to do with Natural Disasters.

G-ground shaking
N-natural disaster
O-over flow
P-prepare for injury
Q-quite scary
T-the disasters
X-x-rays of bones that will be broken by these disasters.
Y-Years-that’s how long a disaster can last.
Z-Zones which are destroyed.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

City Description

My plane just arrived in New York city in Times Square. I was ready with my flashing black camera. Times Square was crazy busy with lots of different people and surprisingly less cars. There were advertisements everywhere around the structured buildings. The city lights shone bright and blinded my eyes. I was feeling kind of hungry so I decided to linger over to the fancy restaurants.

I walked into Mc Donalds and the Jay-Z song was booming over the stereo speakers. I was excited to see the plasma T.V that had MySky HDI, and the comfortable million dollar seats that were flasher than the stars that shine through the night.

After my lunch I walked out of Mc Donalds and back on the streets. I heard the paparazzi cameras scintillating. I could not hear my boss tell me my mission because of all the beeping from the cars, the ringing from the phones and the singing from the buskers. So I just decided to work independently.

I breathed in the fresh New York smell. I could sense the different kinds of expensive perfumes especially ones from Paris. As I walked around I sniffed up the rotten smell of the fireworks from last night, so I knew that they had a celebration of the Queen’s birthday.

Am I in heaven? Thinking loudly to myself, I tried to take in the astounding view while it lasted. Just the thought that all of this could be taken away placed disappointment on my shoulders, knowing that every good thing in my life doesn’t last long... But a change had finally occurred.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Bio Poem

Lazy, energetic, tall, Tongan
Daughter of Peni and Milika,sister of Soana,Maria,Afu,Saia,Angelo and Evan
Lover of food,swimming and the internet
Who feels happy about winning competitions,sad for the homeless and excited for the future
Who needs Nikes to wear,strength to run and brain power to work
Who gives money to god(Tithing),smiles to those who need it,and give stuff to my friends
Who fears god, insects and security dogs
Who would like to be a millionaire,own a country and live in a rich house
Who comes from New Zealand Auckland and lives in G.I.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Maori Village Description.

You won’t believe what I have just seen.

As my eyes opened I saw that I was finally here. I opened up the door to the time machine. I stepped out to a muddy ground that surrounded my new flashy boots, I could not stand it.

The houses were made out of wood and the clothes of the people were dirty which blended in with the ground. Although, some were plain white and clean. Maraes were huge with carvings that the ancestors carved. It looked so life like.The marae was full of young handsome boys doing the haka and young gorgeous girls waving their home made poi.

The wind was whispering to me as if it were alive. I could hear the stomping from the boys’ feet and the piupiu swishing. I could not understand the Maori language that I could hear nearly everywhere I went. Poor babies were crying because they missed out on their feed.

I smelt the warm firey smoke cooking the traditional hangi. The fresh air blew my hair away, which really opened up my nose to sniff the medicine plant, harakeke.

At the end of the day I made some new friends and we had a powhiri. The girls and the boys that have been practising and really blew the roof off! It gave me goosebumps. I felt like a part of this village. I would love to come back for my next mission.