Friday, 24 June 2011

Tsunami Writing Sample

Tsunami Report

“Coming live to you in Japan is a rough tsunami which is really dangerous.As the next person was talking I turned to the back of me and saw the wavy tsunami crashing into the buildings together as they collided. The people were horrified, children were sobbing.Furious water was charging through destroying the shiny expensive cars. I could see lost people wondering around the place trying to look for their loved ones.

The water was surging everywhere as stress grew on the people. I could hear the lungs of these criers as if they were going to fall out. The sound of the electric lines were snapping and mixed together with the sound of trees snapping. My ears were opened really wide, as I heard the wind and the waves whispering to each other as they joined forces.

It smelt like salty water after a relaxing swim at the beach.I sensed the grease and the powder blasting out of the factories. I felt the lost hopes and I felt sorry for those who were already gone.

Devastated and afraid we are hoping this city will be rebuild and look happier than ever.

I am Mei Aleva and you are watching 3 news.”

By Mei

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