Wednesday, 16 November 2011

My Beautiful Place

Under the moon light, lays my paradise...

Where misty air smokes around the overflowing waters that drip swiftly. Pink skies are blending, mountains get higher as you get closer. The hillsides look as if it has vanished by the gusty atmosphere. H20 surrounds the scene. Terraces look like steps with water. Clouds are dozing off to sleep. My beautiful place is quiet.

Until I heard the plants popping like a jack in the box. The wind was howling against soaking water. Birds were tweeting with amazement, ducks were splashing. I could not hear myself think. The sounds of leaves were falling gently. It made the water look like a pond.
Nature was talking to me.

I felt the calm water brushing against the wind. The breezy air flew pass me rapidly as if there was a tornado. I sensed the sky was dripping bits of rain.

I tasted the opening air dancing on my tongue. Nips of plants levitated lightly into my mouth. The sweet taste of nature was not ordinary.

A fragrant scent flew into my blocked nose and I could smell fog spinning around me. Animals were leaving manure behind so that was not pleasant for me to smell.

I hope you get to visit my beautiful place some day because it was once known for the eighth wonder of the world.